Frequently Asked Questions About Kim’s Consigned Designs

Your Newburgh Indiana New & Gently Used Consignment Store.

Our business model is set up to sell furniture, accessories, artwork, rugs, lamps, kitchen, bathroom and seasonal items. Please visit our showroom so that you may see the quality of the items we currently have for consignment. We do accept up to 20 (twenty) accessory items per consignor per week Monday through Thursday 10am-5pm. Do not bring items on Friday or Saturday.

All furniture must be pre-approved before drop off. Email all pictures for furniture items to for consideration. Due to the high volume of consignments, we do screen items when they are dropped off. Kim’s is no longer calling consignors about items that are unsellable due to condition. The items that are deemed “unsellable” will be donated to Habitat for Humanity, Evansville Rescue Mission, Mother Teresa’s, or Goodwill.

How does pricing work?

With twelve years of experience for resale, Kim utilizes her experience and does research to arrive at a price for your merchandise. We tag more than 250 items daily and through pricing consistancy we are aware of the resale market.

When do I need to pick up my purchases?

You have 5 business days to pick up any furniture purchase. Delivery is available.

How does Consignment Percentages and Payout work?

You receive 50% on all items. Your check and statement are available for pickup on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s sales. We will hold your check at the store for six months. After six months the proceeds of sold items (consignor checks) will become store property. If you would like to know whether or not you have a check you may contact us by calling the store at 812-490-6595.

How long is the wait to have my furniture picked up?

Generally we can pick up your furniture within 2 weeks of the furniture being approved. We strongly discourage bringing any furniture item to the store before it is pre-approved. Because our space is limited it is necessary that we plan for all furniture arrivals. Once items are approved, an appointment can be made for you to deliver furniture to the store.

Will you take my furniture if it has been around animals or smoke?

If you have pets that have been on the furniture, it is the responsibility of the consignor to clean the piece prior to pick up. Items that must be cleaned prior to resell will incur a cleaning fee or may be rejected at the time of pick up. If your items have been in a smoking environment, we will be unable to sell them. We rely on our consignors to be honest. We do not take used mattresses for resale. It is illegal in the state of Indiana for a retailer to sell used mattresses or box springs.

What are your Consignment Terms?

90 days – We are unable to make reminder calls for the items that do not sell to our consignors due to the volume of items. By day 95, we do need a decision from the consignor if they want the item back or is the item to be donated. We donate to Habitat for Humanity, Evansville Rescue Mission, Mother Teresa’s, Goodwill and many other local not-for-profit organizations.

Do you offer Layaway?

No. At Kim’s, we pay our consignors in a timely manner. By putting items on layaway, our consignors have to wait until the layaway is paid off to collect their proceeds and because our turnover is rapid we do not have space available for storage.

Do you accept Returns?

No. All Sales are Final. When an item sells the consignors account is credited for their portion of the sale.